I am a book artist currently based in Providence, Rhode Island.
Born and raised in southern China, my works are influenced by Chinese folk traditions. I draw inspiration from memories, nature, and dreams which often lead me to explore my relationship to family, land, and the greater Chinese diaspora. Borrowing religious and traditional Chinese motifs, I often play with the juxtaposition of the spiritual and physical distance between ourselves and home, and a feeling of misplacement. The medium of paper allows me to connect with many Chinese ritual practices, blurring the line between reality and imagination.
2023, BFA, Rhode Island School of Design 

Residencies & Recognitions
2024, Finalist, MTA Art & Design SIR Huguenot Station, New York, NY
2023, Artist-in-Residence, Peter Bullough Foundation, Winchester, VA 
2023, Artist-in-Residence Semi-Finalist, Women’s Studio Workshop, Rosendale, NY 
2023, Honerable Mention, 9th Baker + Whitehill Student Artists’ Book Contest, Providence, RI 
2022, Grand Purchase Award, 8th Baker + Whitehill Student Artists’ Book Contest, Providence, RI
2021, Contemporary Art Department Fellow, RISD Museum Fellowship, Providence, RI 

Selected Exhibitions
2024, 7th Louisiana Biennial, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA
2023, Illustration Triennial, Woods-Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI
2023, LOVE TO READ: Children’s Book Illustrators Inspire Literacy, University of Rhode Island, Providence, RI, 
2023, Artist’s Book Week, BravinLee Programs, New York, NY 
2023, Come In, We Are Open, Public Gallery, Providence, RI 
2023, Pencil Is Overrated, Paper Gallery, Providence, RI 
2023, Over The River, ISB Gallery, Providence, RI 
2023, Senior Show, Woods-Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI 
2023, Exhibit: Splash! Annual Art Auction, Donkey Mill Art Center, Kona, HI 
2023, Art Haus, Carr Haus, Providence, RI

My Grandmother, Special Collections, Rhode Island School of Design, RI
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